Constantine Will Star in His CW Seed Animated Series in 2018

Author Thumbnail BY Cora Llamas - January 09, 2017

Fans of Constantine raised an outcry when the horror-thriller was cancelled after only one season back in 2014. Call it karmic justice - but according to a report filed by Coming Soon, the powers-that-be heard their pleas (or demands) and is bringing the irreverent occultist back to the small screen.

Actor Matt Ryan who played John Constantine will still be around, but this time he will be voicing the hero. That's because Constantine is an animated series that will be showing on CW Seed. There are also other limitations. Each episode will only run for 10 minutes, and the entire series will be composed of five to six episodes. Think of it as a one-hour animated film broken down into small bites.

Finally, Constantine the animated version will premiere a  year from now, on 2018.

It may not be the answer that the fans were hoping, but a little something is still better than nothing. Constantine himself would have argued it that way; the British rulebreaker seized opportunities when he saw them.

Fans who want their Constantine fix do have something to look forward to in 2017: Justice League Dark, a full-length animated film where the British supernatural power-player teams up with Batman, Demon, Zatanna, and other mavens and magicians to once again hold back the forces of evil.

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