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The new Power Rangers are almost here, and critics have already been putting up their reviews for the movie. The verdict? It’s a mixed bag. Some critics have been saying that it’s a spectacular movie which embraces its campy origins, others call it the next Transformers.

A lot of them have very little to complain about the kid actors in the film, and they even say that the movie has some very touching moments. As for the veteran actors like Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, and Elizabeth Banks, they seem to be in their element — Banks especially embracing just how campy her character is.

Here’re a few snippets from a handful of reviews:

If you’re not seeing this for the acting, then at least you get five brightly-clad heroes driving dinosaur-shaped spaceships that eventually meld into one giant, sword-wielding robot. If that’s what you paid to see, then Power Rangers delivers it, dollars to donuts. — The Wrap

There’s an admirable commitment to absurdity, yet it belies the thoughtful coming-of-age journey for the five teens up until they hit “morphin time." The first half boasts a realism reminiscent of Chronicle in how youngsters deal with the responsibility of having nascent superpowers, and John Gatins’ screenplay creates surprisingly touching relationships between the kids. There’s even a discrepancy in color palette — with the initially dark and muted tones moving to a rainbow of vibrancy as the film turns toward the silly — but the film lacks a certain confidence by not taking either tack. — USA Today

At its best, Power Rangers is a throwback to the likes of Masters of the Universe and the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It’s from a time when getting a darker, more serious big-budget feature based on your favorite kid-friendly property, one that felt like a real film, was a rare and splendid thing. — Forbes

The newest installment preserves some of the most beloved characteristics of the original franchise, updated to reflect technological advances. The Rangers’ color-coded power suits now benefit from nanoparticle properties and the robotic mecha assault vehicles known as Zords that they pilot take on enhanced battle capabilities, while Rita’s menacing sidekicks the Putties and the gigantic warrior Goldar get more polished, fluid CGI representations. — The Hollywood Reporter

Of course, the final verdict on whether a film is good or bad is still up to the audience. Remember when reviews for Iron Fist came out, and critics kept saying it was boring and terrible? Some fans actually think that the series is just as good as the others (by some fans, I mean me).

Will you be in line to see Power Rangers? I know I’ll be.

Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers hits theaters March 24.

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