Captain America’s Secret Empire Brings Back a Villain & Endangers a Hero

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - March 20, 2017

Secret Empire is probably the biggest departure involving Captain America. Everyone already knows that this particular line of comics will see the Star-Spangled Hero in the worst light possible—as a Hydra operative buried deep in the heart of territory enemy.

In a new sneak preview of the comics (via CBR), fans are given a chance to see what happens in the new pages and issue covers of the story. CBR was able to get the covers for #4 and #5 issues from Mark Brook, seen below.

While we don’t know what really happens within those pages, the visual story doesn’t tell a very positive one for the Avengers. For starters, we see that one villain is coming back, while another hero may be in grave danger.

Ultron seems to be coming back following taking control of Hank Pym’s body. This debunks the previous storyline where he is supposed to have been sent to the sun.

Another page shows Hawkeye seemingly down to his last arrow while surrounded by other Avengers. He also looks bloodied and beaten. There’s no telling if they are dead around him, but his terrified expression shows that he may still be facing off unseen enemies with no ammo left to win the battle.

Secret Empire is the latest arc in the Captain America story, but the developments here are actually making a mark in the entire Marvel universe. All the different groups outside of Avengers can potentially be affected, so you may want to keep track of these new developments.

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