Javier Bardem In Talks to Play Frankenstein in Universal Studios Reboot

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
July 11, 2016  06:33 PM

Universal Studios has approached Oscar-winner Javier Bardem for the role of Frankenstein in the studio's new monster movie series, Variety reports. It is not known what movie Bardem would appear in first, but it indicated that his first role wouldn't be a starring one. He would as a supporting character in another monster movie and possibly star in a spin-off afterwards. It is also unclear whether "Frankenstein" in this case refers to the role of Frankenstein's monster or doctor Victor Frankenstein himself. 

The first movie in the Universal Studios series is The Mummy starring Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise. The studio is also working on a Bride of Frankenstein feature, but again, it's indicated that Frankenstein will appear in another movie first. In addition to those features, Universal is planning a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie starring Russell Crowe and also planning on The Invisible Man starring Johnny Depp. All these movies will be set in the same universe.

Javier Bardem won an Oscar for Best Supporting Performance in No Country for Old Men. He also played a role in Sean Penn's The Last Face and is set to appear in the upcoming Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He was already approached by Universal to play Dr. Jekyll in the new franchise, but passed on the job.

The Mummy is set to come out June 9, 2017. The Universal Monsters franchise is being developed by Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. The franchise has been in production since 2014.

 I think the idea of an interconnected monster movie universe sounds interesting, though it could get unweildy. We'll have to see where it goes. What do you think of the upcoming franchise and Javier Bardem in the role of Frankenstein?

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