Local Gaming Store Game On Suffers Major Blow from Burst Pipe, All Tournaments Postponed

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
January 25, 2019  02:58 AM


The community gaming store Game On, located in Augusta Maine, suffered extensive water damage earlier this week when a pipe broke above their singles inventory room. The damage was enough to flood the store with over an inch of water and caused damage to the walls according to a post on the store’s Facebook page. You can see the damage here:

Game On was originally scheduled to have a Magic: the Gathering Appreciation Day as well as a Pokemon Prerelease event and a 2-Headed Giant tournament this weekend. Sadly, all of their events are postponed until further notice, as the damage was more extensive than originally thought. According to Game On, they will be closed for a minimum of 3 weeks in order to recover and clean up as well as tear down water soaked walls.

Although it is a tough time for the LGS, they posted yesterday that they indeed plan to reopen as soon as they can and are thankful for all the messages of support they have received over the past week.

I hope they are able to open back up as painlessly as possible without further issues. Local gaming stores are a pillar of Magic: the Gathering and other card communities. Without them, we wouldn’t have a common place to enjoy some of our favorite games.

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