Dragon Con 2015 Parade - Epic Photos of Aliens, Superheroes, and Robots From Atlanta

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
September 10, 2015  04:52 PM

Atlanta's annual Dragon Con fantasy and science fiction convention filled the city's downtown streets with fans dressed up as superheroes, aliens, monsters, robots, Steampunk and anime characters. We were there to be a part of this epic convention that had over 70,000 attendants, breaking last year's record. 

There were a lot of fascinating panels and costume contests that fans of fantasy and science fiction culture enjoyed. One of the convention's biggest events happened Saturday morning: a traditional Dragon Con parade that had over 3,000 people! There's a lot of spectacular and unforgettable cosplays in the parade this year, including Bioshock's Big Daddy, a legion of Deadpools, blocky LEGO superheroes, huge treefolks, Ghostbusters, Transformers, and more. We were able to capture some photos of these fantastic cosplayers from this awesome parade.

Check them out in the slider below: 

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