WandaVision's Marvel TV Spot Adds Different Footage

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September 22, 2020  03:51 PM


More promotional materials for WandaVision are on the way. In fact, some of them have already surfaced following the Disney+ series' grand trailer debut last Sunday during the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Speaking of, a new Marvel TV spot for the show starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany has been unveiled and it features different footage not included in the official trailer. It includes a moment wherein Vision greets Wanda "Welcome Home" as she greets him with a huge smile on her face. One fan on Twitter got to record a copy of the said teaser. You can check it out here:


If that particular scene looks somewhat familiar to you, it's because that moment was shown in the Super Bowl commercial that premiered back in February, teasing the upcoming Marvel shows on the streaming service, including The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and Loki. And while it isn't exactly new footage, it's a nice added touch that definitely fits the show's overall vibe and aesthetic.



WandaVision hits Disney+ later this year!

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