Uncharted Star Mark Wahlberg Unveils Sneak Peek at Sully's Outfit

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October 29, 2020  11:43 AM


A lot of fans are already all hyped up for the arrival of the live-action Uncharted film and although we're still far away from its theatrical release, the movie which stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg is showing a lot of promise thus far. Recently, we've seen the first official look at Holland's character Nathan Drake, as well as Wahlberg's Sully mustache. Now, the Ted star is once again treating fans by sharing a sneak peek of Sully's outfit in the film.

Taking to Twitter, Wahlberg unveiled his character's iconic button-down military green shirt and fans and gamers alike are going to be thrilled at how identical it looks to the actual video game. Now, that's an added point for accuracy and faithfulness to the source material. Check it out here:


Let's be honest, movies based on video games have had quite an underwhelming track record in the past. With the exception of flicks like Tomb Raider, Detective Pikachu, and the recently released Sonic the Hedgehog, video game-centric films have either been a hit or a miss and it'd be interesting to see how Uncharted fares. However, judging by the favorable response it's been getting as of late, it looks like Nathan Drake has a great chance of actually killing it on the big screen. We'll have to wait and see, still. 


Fortune favors the bold. #UnchartedMovie

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Uncharted is eyeing a 2021 release date.

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