Patrick Stewart Contemplated About a Star Trek & Star Wars Crossover Project

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September 23, 2020  03:01 PM


Sci-fi worlds and galaxies collided when Star Trek's Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) and Star Wars' Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) went toe-to-toe, co-starring in a fun and hilarious television ad for Uber Eats.


Fans of the Star Trek and Star Wars properties have long been dreaming about the possibility of a crossover project and apparently, so is Stewart, who in a recent interview discussed his desire for an actual crossover (this time, a serious one) which would see the two nerd franchises going head-to-head.

Confessing his dream crossover to Men's Journal, the X-Men actor and one of Hollywood's seasoned vets revealed that he and his Star Treak compeers have contemplated about the ambitious idea. He said: "I will admit that, at least for us on Star Trek, we have fantasied about a combined universe between Star Wars and Trek movie. There have been a lot of ideas thrown about on putting together two iconic universes, and having all of these great characters coming into contact. I would personally get such a kick out of that."

He also shared his thoughts about what he thinks would happen should Picard and Skywalker cross paths: "I would think that Picard would want Skywalker on his crew, but would be sure to keep a careful eye on him. Because he has a few personality traits that Picard might want to keep tabs on."



I mean, man... Could you imagine how epic an interaction between Picard and Skywalker would be? Not quite sure how a potential crossover like that will play out on the big screen but it will be a sight to behold for sure. Of course, the chances of it actually happening now are relatively slim as the two pop culture giants are busy doing their own thing but in the world of entertainment, you can never say never. Maybe in the future. Yes? For now, let's just continue imagining how things would be like if something this grand transpired.

Speaking of sci-fi properties, The Mandalorian Season 2 is hitting Disney+ on October 30th!

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