Jamie Lee Curtis Says Chris Evans Got Her Attention Following Nude Leak

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September 17, 2020  12:57 PM


Following Chris Evans' newsmaking Instagram mishap, his on-screen mom Jamie Lee Curtis is chiming in to tell her Knives Out co-star that she's "proud" of him.

To those unaware, the Captain America actor broke the internet in half after accidentally leaking his own nude photo on IG over the weekend. And boy, it's still the talk of the town. A couple of days ago, Evans took to Twitter to air his reaction following the controversial mishap.

Replying to Evans' tweet, the veteran actress and horror film icon simply said that the leak indeed got her attention. She wrote: "My boy! Proud of him, Got MY attention!" 



It's been almost a week since the incident took place but social media still couldn't stop gushing over America's you-know-what. No harm was done really but don't you guys think it's time that we put the issue to rest and move on?



In other news, Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, hitting theater in 2021!

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