Chris Evans Finally Breaks Silence Following Accidental Nude Photo Leak

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September 15, 2020  10:37 AM


Captain America star Chris Evans is finally breaking his silence following his Instagram mishap which had the entire world talking.

In case you've been living a "normal" life away from social media for the last couple of days, let me break it down for you. Over the weekend, Chris accidentally leaked his own nude photo on the photo-sharing application much to the shock of the people who actually saw it.

Now, the Avengers actor is taking to Twitter to let the whole world know that he's well aware of what happened. Granted, he didn't directly admit that the viral photo was his. Chris wrote: "Now that I have your attention..." He then tried to divert the issue by urging his followers to vote on November 3rd. Was it a clever response? You be the judge.



The Twitter community was having none of his "reaction" and wanted a concrete explanation from him. See them hilariously lambast and throw shade at the 39-year-old actor here:


Evans' decision to address the controversy was quite surprising, to say the least as the general belief amongst fans was that he'll just let the issue subside and be forgotten. It's also worth noting that he chose to break his silence on Twitter and not on Instagram where it all began. Maybe he's taking some time off from the said social media site? Who knows. But hey, it just goes to show that our Captain is ready to own up to his mistakes so good on ya, Chris!


Chris' last acting gig came in the mini-drama series Defending Jacob which aired its final episode last May.

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