Zombieland: Double Tap Adds Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch to the Cast

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February 11, 2019  04:13 PM

Zombieland 2 is officially underway, and the movie promises to bring back the cast from the original as well as bring in some new faces. Rosario Dawson (Daredevil) has joined the film earlier, but now we have a new face announced for the movie.

According to Variety, Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley has joined the cast of Zombieland: Double Tap. The site didn’t say who Middleditch was playing specifically, but my guess is that he will be playing someone related to Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) given their similar demeanor onscreen.

Earlier there had been a leak as to the plot of Zombieland 2, and the story is said to involve the gang searching for Little Rock who has run off with some guy (who is played by Avan Jogia). It’s also said that the film will introduce a badass woman to contest with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) named Nevada, and I’m guessing that she’ll be played by Dawson in the movie.

Going back to Middleditch, the reason why I think he could be some kind of Columbus relation is that Columbus has very neurotic energy, and if you’ve watched Silicon Valley, you’ll know that Middleditch can play the same kind of role. I imagine he’s another survivor of the apocalypse, and we’ll spend the movie having him compare notes with Columbus.

Of course, this is just speculation on my part. Middleditch is actually a great character actor and I can see him playing parts other than the neurotic mess.

Zombieland: Double Tap comes out Oct. 11, 2019.

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