Watchmen Sneak Peek has Surprising Reveals About LG's 'Squid Shelter'

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November 19, 2019  10:47 AM


The last episode of Watchmen has given us a full backstory for Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson), and it’s been revealed that he’s one of the victims of trauma from Adrian Veidt’s Giant Squid attack. We get to see his “Squid Shelter” in the episode, and apparently there are a lot of details missed in the bunker that aren’t evident on the show. Thanks to HBO, we have a new sneak peek, and a better look at LG’s shelter.

Check it out:

The bunker is basically a play on the nuclear bomb shelters that people were infamously putting up during the Cold War. With the original comic illustrating the paranoia of the bombs falling, the series has given us another version in which people watch out for the next squid attack.

Probably the most interesting character detail about the bunker is that it doesn’t have any mirrors. If you watch the episode, Looking Glass is all about mirrors, with him being stuck in a hall of mirrors during 11/2 and wearing a mirror for a mask. It’s interesting to think that he relies on people using mirrors, but he himself can’t look at his own reflection. We even watch him retreat to his mirror mask after he gets Angela arrested.

Looking Glass has come out to be one of the fan-favorite characters of the show, and a lot of people can’t wait to see what happens to him before the season ends.

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