Watch Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Hijack a Weather Report in Australia

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September 15, 2020  12:09 PM


While Chris Evans had been making headlines thanks to his accidental sharing of ‘America’s Johnson’ co-star Chris Hemsworth has been getting attention for another reason. In a recent weather report on the Today Show, Hemsworth makes a surprise appearance to read the news.

Check him out:



Apparently, Hemsworth wanted to promote Aussie Ark and WildArk who are doing some work on conserving Australia’s eco-system.  Besides that, you have some jokes here and there plus a little update on his brother Liam.



I don’t know if talking about horses was planned, but it kind of brings me back to one of his more memorable lines in the first Thor movie where he enters a pet store and says, “I require a horse.” If anything, Hemsworth has really proven his mettle as a comedic actor, and hijinks like this are kind of on-brand for him. I guess I’m just a little disappointed that he didn’t report any stormy weather, what with him being the God of Thunder and all.

While the Marvel trinity has already signed off on Iron Man and Captain America, it looks like Thor is going to be staying for the long run. While I don’t expect him to be the center of any films in the future, I would love for Thor to just be a side character to Portman’s new female Thor. Maybe he could fill in that Odin role that Anthony Hopkins did, and in the future we can have an Old Man Thor film where he takes center stage again.

For now, the next MCU film, Black Widow, is set to come out on Nov. 6.

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