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May 26, 2019  12:44 PM



As it stands, there are now more bad Terminator films than good ones, but James Cameron has come back onboard to produce the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. We just got our first trailer last week, and Mr. Sunday Movies gives us his thorough breakdown of the things we missed from the first preview.

While it’s not stated in the trailers, it’s rumored that the character Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing in the film is not a Terminator at all, but the human template for the T-800. Of course, I still expect the Terminator-Arnold to appear, but it could be by the end of the film. Maybe old Arnie has scenes shared with the young robot Arnie. The film is bringing back his body double from Genisys, and it looks like the movie will have a young John Connor from T2 returning in CGI form as well.

Not much is said about Mackenzie Davis or Natalia Reyes’ characters in the film, but it could be an accurate guess that the two will be the new Kyle Reese/Sarah Connor tandem. Davis looks to be a cyborg from the future sent by the resistance, and Reyes’ character will probably play an important role when it comes to Judgement Day or whatever.

For now, most fans are choosing to be cautiously optimistic about Terminator: Dark Fate. After all, the franchise has tried to get back twice now to no success. Hopefully Cameron’s involvement will change something.

Catch Terminator: Dark Fate when it hits theaters Nov. 1.

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