Watch Chris Evans Run Around with Paul Rudd and Lesbians on Billy on the Street

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November 06, 2019  01:29 PM


If you watched Billy on the Street, you’ll know there’s a meme going around of Captain America running in Civil War with Billy Eichner’s, “Let’s go, lesbians, let’s go!” playing over it. What’s funny is, BotS was able to book Chris Evans, and they eventually got him to run around with actual lesbians—just like in the meme!

Check it out:

What’s fun is, the show was also able to get Paul Rudd to appear, and you can just watch Eichner go silly trying to get people to pick who was more attractive, Rudd or Evans.  The whole video ends with another lesbian lightning round (the origin of the meme), but this time we have Chris Evans tagging along.

Just for context, here’s the original source of “Let’s go lesbians!”:

And here’s the meme of Captain America with the line:

There have been a lot of fun guests for the show, and I have to say that Eichner is one hell of a comic, coming up with great jokes on the fly. He even managed to get a Martin Scorsese joke in there. Hopefully we get to see more of his walk with Evans, but for now, I guess the show has put together their best material with him.

Let’s not forget that Evans is also promoting the release of Knives Out, and you can watch Rian Johnson’s murder mystery when it hits theaters Nov. 27.

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