WandaVision to Resume Shooting in July

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June 04, 2020  03:47 PM


Though it was suspected that WandaVision had already wrapped filming before lockdowns began, the series actually still has more to shoot. Though productions have been closed down for now, it looks like Marvel Studios is ready to roll cameras by July.

According to the Tampa Bay Comic Con page, Paul Bettany (Vision) had to cancel an appearance because he’d been summoned by Disney to return to shooting WandaVision in July. The announcement read:

We finally received word from Paul Bettany's representation, and unfortunately Paul had to cancel his appearance at TBCC this year due being called back by Disney for WandaVision filming in July, in Los Angeles. We're working on guest additions!

Though this is bad news for the guys running TBCC, I guess it’s great news for fans who were worried that the show was going to be delayed even further. Back when lockdown started, everyone was hoping that cameras could start rolling by June; even if it’s July, we should be lucky that it was only a month off of our predictions.

Even if shooting is expected to begin, studios are definitely going to use extra precaution as not to give us a second spread of the virus. I’m guessing everyone in the crew is expected to wear masks, but I also think there’s going to be a requirement for everyone working on the series to take a COVID-19 test.

We don’t know when WandaVision is coming out now, but the series was expected to hit Disney+ winter of this year.

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