WandaVision Series Could Have More Than 6 Episodes

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June 29, 2020  02:16 PM


Marvel Studios is trying a new thing with Disney+ with their miniseries, but we have yet to get a good look at the shows until The Falcon and The Winter Soldier comes out. With everyone thinking the series could run for 6 eps each, it looks like things will be different for WandaVision.



As confirmed by Murphy’s Multiverse, a stuntperson’s resume had listed that they had worked on the ninth episode of WandaVision, listing it down as “Wandavision Ep. 109”. Standard procedure dictates that this numbering is referring to the ninth episode of the first season, so if this is true, Disney+ could be setting up to release more than the previously speculated 6 episodes for WandaVision.

With these Marvel shows, I’m really hoping that Marvel ups the ante when it comes to characterization, and they should very well raise the standards of writing when compared to Netflix shows. I mean, a lot of people love Daredevil, but the writing can get cringe-y at times. I still laugh whenever Daredevil argues with Punisher and he says, “You never think for one second, ‘Shit! I just killed a human being!’”.



With Wanda basically becoming the Jean Grey of the MCU, I’m hoping they really lean into her reality-bending powers. I’m personally thinking that they should use her to introduce mutants into the MCU, but maybe Kevin Feige and his team have other things planned down the line. If anything, they should definitely bring back Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool because he is just gold.

WandaVision was set to come out this December, but we could be looking at a release date change soon.

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