WB Billed Ben Affleck For Stealing Batarangs

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November 20, 2017  05:19 PM

Ben Affleck is the man behind one of the biggest superheroes of all time, Batman, and he’s currently flying around and throwing batarangs in Justice League. Every actor is bound to “steal” keepsakes from a set of a movie, and it looks like Warner Bros billed Affleck for taking some batarangs home with him after production.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Affleck talks about his experience with WB after he took a batarang from the set, and he admits that they “are not cheap.” The topic starts at 6:20:

To those who can’t watch the video, Affleck reveals that he had taken some batarang (among other props) home for himself, and when asked by the prop department about them, he would just play dumb about where they were. But technically, he couldn’t have stolen any of the items since WB had billed him for all the stuff he supposedly took.

Affleck had tried to get keepsakes from the set of Batman v Superman as well, and when he asked if he could keep his batsuit, he was asked for a whopping $100,000 from the studio just to keep it. I’m sure a batarang won’t cost as much, but knowing how movie props are valued, I’m guessing it would have been close or upwards of $1000.

Though it’s fun to know that Affleck got his keepsake, I wonder if anyone else in the cast was sly enough to get away with their own prop. I always love finding out about what kind of keepsakes actors and directors keep from the set. Ryan Reynolds admitted to stealing one of his Deadpool outfits once the movie wrapped. I wonder what kind of prop Henry Cavill or Gal Gadot could have gotten away with.


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