Tom Holland's Uncharted Movie to Start Filming Early 2020

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November 05, 2019  01:19 PM


After having lost several directors and staying in Development Hell, it looks like Sony’s Uncharted film starring Tom Holland is ready to move forward. What’s interesting is, the film could start shooting earlier than expected.

As per DiscussingFilm, Uncharted is currently aiming for a start in February 2020 in Berlin, Germany. We don’t have a plot for the movie yet, but we know that it follows a younger Nathan Drake (Holland) as he goes on some kind of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider-esque adventure.

It looks like Travis Knight will be taking over director duties finally, as he’s boarded the project back in September. Knight has worked on projects like Kubo and the Two Strings and Bumblebee and is the last on a list of directors that include Joe Carnahan, Shawn Levy, and Dan Trachtenberg. I’m hoping that he’s actually a bit more passionate when it comes to the project because we know how films can turn out if directors are just there for the paycheck.

If anything, Uncharted has a challenge ahead of it seeing as it’s based on a video game. It’s always hard to adapt games into films as there is a certain sense of immersion lost. I just hope that they come up with their own original story apart from the games so the movie can enhance the experience of the game rather than water down a story that we as gamers already know.

Uncharted is slated for a release on Dec. 18, 2020.

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