Tiger King Joe Exotic is Getting His Own Comic Book

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June 01, 2020  04:30 PM


Back when the COVID-19 lockdown started, the biggest show on Netflix was undoubtedly Tiger King which covered the story of Joe Exotic and the twisted world of big cat trafficking. Multiple spinoffs have been planned from a series to a rumored film, and now fans should get ready for Tiger King… the comic.

As reported by TMZ, Joe Exotic and his merry web of terrible acquaintances are going to be the subject of a comic called Infamous Tiger King from TidalWave Productions. The comic is said to be serving as both a prequel and sequel to the Netflix show, chronicling the origin of Joe “Exotic” Schreibvogel as well as the continuation of his story after the docu-series ended.



Fore more pictures of pages and alternate covers, you can check them out here.

It’s also worth noting that the comic is written by Michael Frizell with art from Joe Paradise and Jesse Johnson.

This is also a neat Easter Egg pointed out by ComicBook, but the cover of the comic is actually an homage to an Amazing Spider-Man issue with Kraven the Hunter on the cover:



Though the cover is realistic, the interior of the comic is a lot more cartoonish when it comes to the style. Either way, I guess a cartoon style is consistent with the story of Joe Exotic because if the series was known for one thing, it would definitely be the cast of increasingly kooky characters, from a tiger-taming cult leader to the ultimate cat lady who probably killed her husband.

No release date has been set for the Infamous Tiger King.

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