The Mandalorian Creator Jon Favreau was Amazed Baby Yoda Remained a Secret

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June 08, 2020  02:59 PM


One of the biggest stars to breakout of The Mandalorian was Baby Yoda, and everyone online can’t get enough of ‘The Child’ when the show came out. Baby Yoda was one of the best kept secrets of the show, and even showrunner Jon Favreau was amazed he never got leaked online.

Talking during the ATX Television Festival (via GeekTyrant) Favreau shared:

“What a miracle that with all the kids on the set and how fixated they were, that the secret never came out that the baby was in the series at all. It was a real testament to [series director Bryce Dallas Howard] that somehow she got her kids not to tell every single person they’d ever met about meeting him. I remember you used to have like a whole ritual that you’d go through with the kids right to help reinforce.”

Howard had also chimed in, “I would remind my kids every day once they were going to school, ‘What do we not talk about? Baby!'”



While Baby Yoda is one of the main elements of The Mandalorian, we still know very little about him. We don’t know what Moff Gideon wants to do with him yet, but some are suggesting that he could be some kind of clone—or at least Gideon wants to clone him. Hopefully we find out more in the second season.

For now, Baby Yoda, is gearing up for a return for The Mandalorian Season 2, and though the main Mando’s mission is to find a home for him, I can’t help but feel that Lucasfilm is compelled to keep him on the show for as long as they can. After all, a mascot like Baby Yoda comes once every few years.

Catch The Mandalorian Season 2 when it hits Disney+ this October.

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