The Boys Creator Shares Post-Production Work in Quarantine

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March 25, 2020  12:47 PM


The second season of The Boys is expected to come out later this year, but we could be getting a delay since the Coronavirus Outbreak has shut down everything. In the meantime, everyone has been encouraged to work at home, and The Boys’ Eric Kripke has shared some of his progress on the show as he works in self-isolation.

Check it out:

We don’t really have some specific clues as what to expect with the show, but we do know that Homelander is going to be clashing with a new hero in the form of Stormfront. In the books, Stormfront is kind of a Nazi Superman, but the show is going to be revamping the character to make Stormfront a woman this time around.

Seeing that Homelander has been the wild card of the first season, it’s going to be interesting to finally see a character that can go up against him. Maybe she decides to side with the Boys, but I have a feeling that they’re just going to bank on the heroes clashing with them set to pick up the pieces.

At a time where superhero films are all the rage, The Boys manages to be one relevant critique about these MCU and DC films. They put the superhero genre over its head, and I’m very excited to see where the story goes by the time the second season rolls around.

No release date has been set for the second season of The Boys, but the show is expected to debut on Amazon Prime Video later this year; that’s not even accounting the possible delay due to COVID-19.

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