The Best Memes to Come Out of the Game of Thrones 8 Finale

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May 20, 2019  05:57 PM


Game of Thrones 8 is finally over, and with it comes the final wave of memes on the internet before the spinoff show comes out. From Bran becoming the ruler of Westeros to Ghost finally getting the pats he deserves, here are some of the best takes of the last episode, The Iron Throne.

Where’s her throne from r/freefolk
Anyone else find it poetic, that despite being born Unsullied, Greyworm ended up being a massive dick. from r/freefolk
D&D kinda forgot the entire building collapsed. from r/freefolk
Master of Coin funding the new throne from r/freefolk
Top notch foreshadowing. from r/freefolk
I added a laughtrack to the council scene to make it worse from r/freefolk
They had to redeem the season somehow from r/freefolk
Shout out to Jon's heritage having ZERO impact on the story from r/freefolk
The new Master of Coin everyone from r/freefolk
A girl should visit r/freefolk. from r/freefolk
Tyrion told me terrible things. from r/freefolk
Arya doesn't know what is beyond the sea, but we do. from r/freefolk
This episode was written and directed by Catelyn Stark. Sansa is queen, Arya is doing her thing, Bran is king and Jon is exiled and forgotten. from r/freefolk
yara after sansa declares the north its own kingdom from r/freefolk
Clip of Jon arriving to serve his watch leaving all the political bullshit behind. from r/freefolk
The Pat that was promised from r/freefolk

While I personally would have preferred that Daenerys get a better ending that she deserved, I thought some of the character arcs tied up pretty nicely what with Tyrion becoming Hand of the King and Brienne becoming the new leader of the Kingsguard. I also know that a lot of people (including myself) are annoyed that Bran ended up ruling Westeros, but I guess it does make the most sense, what with him having his powers and not really having the impulses and desires of a regular person.

What I don’t get is why Sansa would demand that the North remain independent. I mean, Bran is already in the Iron Throne, so what could she possibly hope to gain by separating from the rest of the six kingdoms? I also thought it was weird that Jon still had to become a member of the Night’s Watch again, seeing that most of Daenerys’ armies just went back to where they came from.

I guess it kind of does give him a fitting arc though, becoming a leader of the Free Folk.

For now, the meme factories are churning, but we should expect them to die soon with the show ending. Let’s just hope everything springs back to life when the spinoff series comes out whenever it does.

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