The Batman: Kit Harington Didn’t Know He was Being Considered for the Role Until Yesterday

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September 13, 2018  07:01 PM

A rumor had recently come out that Warner Bros was considering Kit Harington to play young Batman in Matt Reeves’ solo movie about the Caped Crusader, but it looks like Harington himself had no idea about it until the rumor started coming out.

Accoring to EW editor James Hibberd:

Of course, that doesn’t mean that WB isn’t interested in having him in the role. The rumor had come out that they requested some mock-ups of Harington as the character, and that’s what led some to believe that he was top contender for the role of a young Bruce Wayne.

Personally I would have preferred if Ben Affleck stayed in the role, but with all this commotion going on in the DCEU behind the scenes, his involvement with the character is getting more and more complicated.

While not confirmed, rumor has it that Reeves is aiming to tell a story with a younger Batman in the role, and will follow his adventures during the prime of his career. There is a lot of backstory to fill in there, and we might even find out whose Robin suit is hung up in the Batcave.

Updates on The Batman have admittedly been slow, but hopefully we get a release date and an official synopsis from WB before the year ends.

No release date has been set for Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

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