The 13th Doctor has Message for Kids amidst the Outbreak, ‘Listen to Science’

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March 25, 2020  01:57 PM


With the Coronavirus Outbreak grinding everything to a halt, lots of celebrities have been coming out to post PSAs and ‘messages of hope’ online. Jodie Whittaker, however, has posted up a message for kids in the form of the 13th Doctor.

Check it out:

Admittedly, there are some celebrities who have been getting flak for their messages online, but I think Whittaker’s video is a lot more special, seeing that it’s obviously directed to kids. Confusing times like this are probably a lot worse for children, so it’s great that they can find someone familiar to tell them how to deal with the lockdown.

You also have to love the ‘listen to science’ line, because there are some people out there—looking at you, Evangeline Lilly—who are refusing to take the pandemic seriously and are endangering lives.

In a time where celebs have been taken down for their weird antics when it comes to handling the pandemic, I think we’ve forgotten that kids also need messages like this to tell them things are going to be alright.

For now, Doctor Who had just released its latest episode called The Timeless Children with another episode called Revolution of the Daleks incoming for later in the year. With COVID-19 shutting everything down though, we don’t know when the episode will come out, or whether it will even come out during the intended release window.

Fingers crossed everything will be back to normal by June. In the meantime, you can catch Doctor Who on the BBC.

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