Star Wars The Clone Wars: Ray Park Did Mo-Cap Work for Darth Maul

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April 15, 2019  05:34 PM


One of the most anticipated panels for Star Wars Celebration 2019 was the Clone Wars panel, and it’s been revealed that Maul will be returning as a villain for the series. What’s interesting is, Dave Filoni and the team are actually bringing something different with the show’s lightsaber fights by having them done in motion capture, and who else should do the mo-cap other than Darth Maul actor Ray Park?

Talking during the Clone Wars panel (via io9) showrunner Filoni explains that really wanted to up the game when it comes to the lightsaber action on the show. Filoni said:

 “So the best way to have a great lightsaber fight is to talk to somebody who has done lightsaber fights… So I know Ray Park from over the years and I said ‘Ray, wouldn’t it be great, now that I’ve experienced doing more live-action stuff, why don’t we just suit you up in a mo-cap suit and have you be Darth Maul again?’ So when you see Maul fighting it’s going to really be Maul fighting.”

Honestly, I’m really happy to see that they decided to have mo-cap done for the fight scenes. It’s just a peeve of mine, but I thought that the duels in the animated series just didn’t have the same flow as the choreography we got in live-action. It would be interesting to see how they’re doing this for the show, and maybe they could even apply it in future series.

For now, The Clone Wars is gearing up for 12 final episodes, and hopefully, it will bring some much-needed closure for TCW fans. No release date has been set, but we should expect the episodes to come out later this year on Disney+.

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