Star Wars: Supposed Image of Robert Boulter as Young Luke in The Force Awakens Leaks Online

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November 26, 2018  01:30 PM


Back when Lucasfilm was still gearing up for the release of The Force Awakens, there was heavy speculation that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader would be reappearing since Hasbro was announcing new figures of the characters before the movie’s release. Luke and Vader didn’t appear in the movie at all, but we have an image of Robert Boulter in costume as Luke Skywalker from Empire Strikes Back.

Check it out:

Robert Boulter as Luke Skywalker in deleted forceback sequence for TFA. Let's see if mods delete this again. :) from r/StarWarsLeaks

There are a lot of discussions about the legitimacy of the pic. Though the costume does look spot on, the proportions on the body do seem a little weird. Looking at Boulter though, you could see some resemblance with a young Mark Hamill.

While fans argue if this pic is legit or not, it had been confirmed before that Luke and Vader were supposed to appear during Rey’s Force Vision and Making Star Wars had also reported before that Boulter was in the line to play young Luke.

As for the reason that the scene was cut, it was likely due to time constraints, but it’s also possible that the attention will be drawn away from Rey. After all, this is her story now. Then again, imagine the collective freakout of Star Wars fans if they saw Luke and Vader fighting again in the Force vision.

For now, it seems that Lucasfilm is capping off the Skywalker saga with Episode IX. There have been a lot of hopes to bring young Luke Skywalker back to the big screen though. I wouldn’t oppose to Boulter reprising the role, but a fan favorite to take over for Luke is Marvel’s Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20, 2019.

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