Star Wars: Set Photos Reveal First Look Of Alden Ehrenreich As Han Solo!

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
May 21, 2017  01:00 PM

After months of only gaining bits and pieces of information, we finally have something juicy about the Han Solo spinoff. We haven’t seen any official photos of Alden Ehrenreich as the notorious space smuggler since his casting was anounced, but thanks to TMZ, we get to see him as Han Solo for the first time!

Check it:

First thing I noticed is that Ehrenreich seems to be wearing an opposite of Han’s New Hope garb — a white vest with a black inner shirt. There’s also a shot of Ehrenreich riding what looks to be a Star Wars-version of a car (with wheels!) and the back of another ship. I can’t help but think that they used 80s action heroes to inspire Ehrenreich’s look for the movie. He looks like the Star Wars version of Knight Rider.

Some sites think that this leak could lead to Disney releasing official photos of Ehrenreich, but only time will tell when we get better looks at the set. A lot of people who’ve read the script are very excited for the movie, and have said that this will be one of the “best” Star Wars films to ever come out.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25, 2018.

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