Star Wars Episodes I-VI Won't Come to Disney Streaming Service Until 2024

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October 01, 2018  06:07 PM


Disney is gearing up for the release of their own streaming service sometime next year, and though a lot of new content is coming on, there will be some films that won’t be able to make it for a few years—particularly the first six Star Wars movies.

According to Bloomberg, this is due to a copyright issue which Disney has been trying to get over, but for now, the TV rights for Star Wars I–VI belong to Turner Broadcasting. As of now, the movies can only be screened on TNT and TBS and won’t be available until 2024.

It’s not like Turner Broadcasting isn’t willing to negotiate either; it’s said that they want some financial considerations and programming to replace the lost films should they make their way back to Disney’s hands.

If a deal doesn’t push through, however, there’s still a lot of great Star Wars material to look forward to. No doubt we could get the films since Force Awakens all the way to Solo: A Star Wars Story when the service comes out. Not to mention there’s also the live-action tv series from Jon Favreau which is currently in the works.

When it comes to the original trilogy, one big concern with the fans is if Disney will ever get them the 4K rendering without the updated special effects. George Lucas had infamously altered the cuts back in the 90s, and until now, it’s been an uphill battle to get Lucasfilm to give us the original releases.

No specific release date has been announced, but Disney’s streaming service is set to go live sometime next year.

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