Star Wars Episode I: Racer is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

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March 26, 2020  12:40 PM


While Fallen Order and Battlefront II have been pretty great, there has been a shortage of Star Wars games for an eager fanbase. What’s great is, we’re finally going to get a return of one of the most beloved prequel era games for the Nintendo Switch.

During its Nintendo Direct announcement, Nintendo had revealed that Star Wars Episode I: Racer, which came out for the Nintendo 64, is going to be available for the Switch soon. We don’t have a release date yet, but hopefully it comes out sometime before the year ends.

The announcement is at the 23:08 mark:



If you haven’t played Racer, it basically took the concept of Podracing from The Phantom Menace and turned it into a game. Players would have been able to take control of Anakin Skywalker’s beat-up podracer, or they could take up Sebulba’s pod; you could even try out Ben Quadinaros podracer which infamously was attached to four engines.



With a request for more Star Wars games to come out, a re-release of Racer might get people hyped up for a remaster of the game. There was news going around that a smaller Star Wars game is in the works, and what are the odds that it’s going to focus on ships and racers?

No release date has been announced for Star Wars Episode I: Racer on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s expected to be available soon. If you really want a Star Wars game for the Switch though, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is now available on the Switch eShop.

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