Star Wars Battlefront II: Details on the New Heroes vs Villains Mode

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May 15, 2019  12:43 PM


One of the most popular modes on Star Wars Battlefront II is the Heroes vs. Villains mode where players get to duke it out as heroes from both the light side and the dark. For months the game has been going with this targeting system as the game mode, but now DICE has announced the big change that is coming to the game.

This is the official announcement on the Battlefront forum:

You’ve all given us a lot of feedback about HvV and with it, we’re making some changes to the mode.

With this month’s update, we’re completely reworking the targeting system in Heroes vs Villains. Now, defeating an enemy hero will add a point to your team’s elimination score, regardless of which one you defeat.

With these new mechanics, the mode will no longer be a first to 10 target eliminations. Instead, the first team to reach 25 eliminations will be the victors of the match.

The team is also working on adjusting some of the achievements in the game so they would work better with this new mode.

Though the targeting system seemed effective enough, it did lead to a lot of problems in-game. For one, there’s a lot of salt going toward whoever is branded the target, and it feels like one person’s failure if the enemy team gets to them. Besides, matches can take on forever since other players would prefer just to keep killing enemy heroes rather than actually looking for the target.

With this new system, I think there can be more emphasis on teamwork, and there isn’t really any pressure when someone ends up killing you.

More changes are set to come out this year, but for now, the focus is on this modification to the Heroes vs. Villains game mode.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now playable for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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