Star Wars Battlefront II Data Miners Find Movement Animation for Anakin Skywalker

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November 29, 2018  12:38 PM


Obi-Wan has just arrived in Star Wars Battlefront II, but he and Grievous are only the first half of heroes coming to the Clone Wars. January will see the arrival of Count Dooku with Anakin Skywalker appearing in February. What’s interesting is, data miners have found Anakin’s fight animation with the latest update.

This comes from Mop Head (via BattlefrontUpdates), and Anakin’s animation has been applied to the model of Obi-Wan. The clip starts at 1:48:

Another interesting part is that the game has actually taken Anakin’s running action from the original Star Wars Battlefront II and he runs with his blade behind him like a ninja. You’ll also notice some saber movements that are unique to Anakin plus one unique ability—he can roll. Of course, this could be temporary and DICE will eventually update it so Anakin has his own unique dodges.

So far we don’t have any abilities on Anakin’s move set, but I’m guessing he’s going to be way more aggressive than Obi-Wan. With his movement already in the works, I can’t wait until DICE officially reveals him.

The Geonosis drop is a massive success, and it looks like things are back in full gear with the game. Despite the disastrous launch last year, it seems that Battlefront II has finally earned the respect of the community, and the attention of EA once more.

Let’s hope these updates and improvements will be here to stay for a long time to come.

Play Star Wars Battlefront II now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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