Star Wars: Attack of the Clones has a Neat Easter Egg Related to A New Hope

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February 27, 2019  04:01 PM


Part of the fun of Star Wars is that so much detail is put into every film that even until now people are finding out new things about the movies. While everyone knows that Attack of the Clones has a revisiting of the Lars homestead from A New Hope, there’s actually a really small Easter Egg that goes through the head of even the most hardcore fans.

In the scene where Anakin learns about his mother’s disappearance, Cliegg Lars explains to Anakin that he took 30 men out to look for her, and only 4 returned:

“30 of us went out after her. Four of us came back.”

The number is interesting, because during the Battle of Yavin, the rebels had taken 30 fighters to the Death Star, and how many of them came back?

That’s a Y-Wing, two X-Wings, and the Falcon—four ships.

As for the confirmation on the number of fighters, you can hear it when the attack first starts on the Death Star and an officer informs Vader:

“We count 30 rebel ships, Lord Vader.”

It’s a pretty cool Easter Egg, especially since the information is delivered in a set that was first introduced in A New Hope. Though Attack of the Clones is considered the weakest of the prequel trilogy films, it’s every bit as meticulously put together as the rest of the Star Wars movies.

You learn something new about the franchise every day, and that’s what makes the movies so fascinating after all this time.

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