Star Wars Art Director Shares Concept for n-Wing and M-Wing

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September 23, 2020  01:26 PM


The Star Wars universe has had a lot of iconic ships appear in the franchise from the Millennium Falcon to the Rebel Alliance’s signature X-Wing. We know that a lot of different concepts for starfighters end up on the cutting room floor, and Clone Wars art director Kilian Plunkett has shared a look at the n-Wing.

Check it out:


The ship is based on the lowercase ‘n’ and looks like a mix between the Slave 1, an X-Wing, and the Star Fortress from The Last Jedi. While it would have been cool to see a ship like this enter the official canon, a lot of great concepts usually end up not being used. Besides, there are some other great ships that aren’t based on letters, like The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest.

Plunkett has also shared a concept for an M-Wing on his Instagram which looks neat as well:



Though a lot of people would think it was a waste that concept art like this don’t end up used in films, it could be a matter of time before they officially make it to the canon. Zeb from Star Wars Rebels was based on unused concept art for Chewbacca from A New Hope, and the Emperor’s throne in The Rise of Skywalker was also something lifted from concepts from the original trilogy. I guess it’s only a matter of time.

For now, the next big Star Wars title is The Mandalorian, and Season 2 debuts on Disney+ this Oct. 30.

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