Star Wars: Another Photo from The Mandalorian Teases a New Planet

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September 05, 2019  01:01 PM


Yesterday we got a new look at Gina Carano in The Mandalorian, and now we have a new image from the show teasing another planet.

This comes from Entertainment Weekly:

We don’t have any details on what the planet is or who’s in the shot, but I imagine that it’s going to be a village that asks help from the Mandalorian in order to deal with some bandits (a la Magnificent Seven). Jon Favreau had said about the show, “It’s like after the Roman Empire falls, or when you don’t have a centralized shogun in Japan­ — and, of course, the Old West, when there wasn’t any government in the areas that had not yet been settled,” and the “villagers asking the lone fighter for help” seems as Old West as a plot can get.

Favreau has also said that the show has a lot of focus on “adventure”, so we should expect Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian to do a lot of planet-hopping and meeting all kinds of crazy characters. Though saving a village is one of the more noble stories in a Western, I can’t wait to see him team up with more bandits and take on some Imperial remnants or gangsters.

Though I’d prefer films to series, The Mandalorian is going to be entering unknown ground being the first live-action Star Wars show. Fingers crossed it turns out fine because this show will be setting the bar for other Star Wars series like the upcoming ones centered on Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Mandalorian comes out on Disney+ and the streaming service is expected to launch this coming Nov. 12.

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