Spider-Man: Homecoming Composer Michael Giacchino Teases The Movie's Score

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May 21, 2017  05:33 PM

Michael Giacchino did such a spectacular job composing the score for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and now he’s currently working on the music for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though we still have no idea about the new theme that Spider-Man will have from Giacchino, the composer has posted a tease of what to expect from his musical score.

Check it out:


It’s just a cover of the classic theme song for the Spider-Man cartoon, so I doubt that this will be the actual theme for the movie. At best, I think the tune will just pop up as a fun nod. After all, Peter does write the lyrics to his own theme song in the film.

Giacchino is actually one of my favorite modern composers next to Hans Zimmer, and I think he does very good work. Every Marvel theme usually flies over my head, but I can still hum Doctor Strange’s theme without a moment’s hesitation. Now I’m not really an expert when it comes to music, but I just like the guy.

Audiences will get to hear Giacchino’s score in Spider-Man: Homecoming which hits theaters July 7.



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