Spider-Man Far from Home: Concept Art Reveals Alternate Designs for Mysterio

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July 10, 2019  05:36 PM



Spider-Man: Far From Home delivered in so many different ways, and one of them was the perfect onscreen representation of Mysterio. What’s cool is, we have some different concept art of what the character could have looked like in the film, and you’ll be happy that we ended up with the version we got in the movie.

It’s funny how they decided to incorporate a lot of Steve Ditko’s original Mysterio design, but that doesn’t mean they made several other attempts to make Mysterio look more modern. If anything, they kept a lot of the same elements from the boxy gauntlets to the green scales, but there’s this neat detail in the body armor where you can spot several “M”s for “Mysterio”. Then again, in the movie, it was the people of Italy who have Mysterio his name and not Quentin Beck.

Though there aren’t any official photos of it online, I kind of love the mo-cap suit look for Quentin Beck. It still has those triangles on it that kind of resemble the eyes on the superhero outfit, and I also love that they still gave him a practical fishbowl helmet to use. Hopefully, we get some love for that look of Mysterio as well. After all, that is what he’s seen wearing in his final fight with Peter.

For now, catch Mysterio and Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home which is currently in theaters.

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