Spider-Man 2’s Alfred Molina to Voice Mr. Freeze in Harley Quinn Series

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February 25, 2020  04:32 PM


Birds of Prey may have underperformed in the box office, but fans all love the animated Harley Quinn series starring Kaley Cuoco. The show is set to have its second season come out in April, and we have news of one comic book movie veteran joining the cast.

According to CBR, Alfred Molina (Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2) is going to voice the part of Mr. Freeze in the second season of Harley Quinn. What’s more, Sanaa Lathan (Family Guy) will also be providing the voice of Catwoman.  We don’t know as to what extent the characters will be involved, but I’m sure the show will have some kind of new twist on them, seeing as they did the same when it comes to the rest of the DC villains we all meet in the show.

If anything, the show is kind of like DC’s solution to Deadpool, what with the foul language and fourth wall breaks. I guess the difference is that everyone in this movie is wacky, rather than just Deadpool fooling around in a serious world. Even all the heroes have kind of undergone this weird “Harley filter” and they act a lot sillier than they would if they were in a more “serious” show.  

Catch the second season of Harley Quinn when it comes out on April 3. You can watch the entire first season now on DC Universe.

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