Solo: A Star Wars Story Toy Reveals How Enfys Nest is Connected to Legends

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March 25, 2018  05:24 PM

It’s been confirmed that the character in the Solo teaser wearing a helmet is named Enfys Nest, but a toy leak has revealed that he’s actually part of a group that’s from deep Star Wars legend.

Reddit user bh1138 has posted this picture of Hasbro’s figure of Enfys Nest on his swoop bike, and it comes with this description:

The Cloud-Rider gang led by Enfys Nest terrorizes the skies atop the mean-looking swoop bikes. Little more than engines with seats, swoops are hard to control but capable of incredible speed.

Enfys Nest's Swoop Bike toy (And a deep cut EU reference in the description) from r/StarWarsLeaks


As it turns out, the Cloud-Riders were also a biker gang in space that debuted in the old Marvel comic, Star Wars 8: Eight for Aduba-3.

This is not the first element from the comics that is finding its way to Solo. Co-writer Jon Kasdan himself is playing half of the Tag and Bink duo in the film. We don’t know how much of Tag and Bink will be in the series, but it has been confirmed that we’ll be seeing the pair don Imperial uniforms. Perhaps they were spies? In the comics, Tag and Bink were actually rebels.

It’s fun that Kasdan would have respect for the now-defunct Legends universe. Though they may have been removed from canon, a lot of people won’t forget that for years, the expanded Star Wars Universe was made even more colorful and creative thanks to the Legends world.


Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25.

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