Sky High Writer Says Sequel Could be Possible with Disney+

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July 30, 2020  03:48 PM


Before we got gritty comic book movie satire with The Boys, Disney had made a kid-friendly superhero film with 2005’s Sky High. With the movie just turning 15-years-old, co-writer Mark McCorkle says that it’s possible a sequel could happen with Disney+.

Talking to Inverse, McCorkler said:

"To me, it's a very natural fit for Disney+, and over the years we always thought maybe a sequel could happen one of these days… There was always a belief that this was a rich enough world to keep going with new ideas. At least Mike seems to believe it. I guess if the film still has that same affection of people watching it and streaming it on Disney+, who knows. Maybe if the people speak, their wishes will be answered."

If you didn’t know about Sky High, it was basically a whole jab at the comic book genre with super-powered kids going to a school to be trained to become heroes (or sidekicks). It plays on a whole lot of tropes from archenemies to secret origins, but apparently it didn’t perform as expected in the box office.



There were actually plans to make a sequel called Save U (as in Save University), which would have followed the characters to college, but nothing ever came of it. If they did have a sequel for Sky High, I guess they would have to focus on a whole new cast, with some appearances from actors in the original film. Coach Boomer, anyone?

A Sky High sequel hasn’t been announced, but if fans show enough love, maybe Disney would be willing to comply.

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