RoboCop Returns Loses Director Neil Blomkamp

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August 15, 2019  11:56 AM


A reboot of Robocop had crashed and burned when it came out back in 2014, and MGM is looking to go back to the original continuity with Robocop Returns. Neil Blomkamp was announced to direct last summer, but it looks like he’s left the project.

Here’s Blomkamp’s announcement on Twitter:

As it turns out, MGM needed production for the movie to start soon, but Blomkamp wanted to work on another project first. With the abundance of reboot/sequels out, you’d wonder why MGM was such in a hurry to start shooting the film. Maybe it was the only time all the actors cast would be available?

Nevertheless, they’ve lost a good eye when it comes to Blomkamp, who has been making some visually dazzling sci-fi. I mean, his Chappie and Elysium don’t really have the same prestige as District 9, but they still looked damn amazing. Imagine those visuals with a Robocop movie.

This is probably a bummer for Blomkamp who, before Robocop Returns, was set to make an Alien sequel with Sigourney Weaver returning. The concept art was amazing, but the movie never got greenlit. But he did choose to leave, so maybe he’s much more passionate about this horror project of his.

No release date had been announced for RoboCop Returns, and we should probably get an update once MGM finds someone else can direct. Then again, they can always just go the Akira route and put the film on hold until Blomkamp can come back.

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