Possible Descriptions for New Characters Coming to Stranger Things 4

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October 31, 2019  05:31 PM


While Stranger Things 3 may have felt like a good end to the show, Netflix is still giving us more of the Upside Down and Hawkins. Just in, we may have some character descriptions for new faces incoming for Season 4.

According to TV Line, the show is looking to cast four new male characters, one adult and three adolescent boys. The adult character is said to have a major part in a storyline that is set “far, far away from Hawkins,” while the younger trio will comprise of a jock, a metalhead, and a stoner. So far nothing official has been announced by Netflix, but it’s still likely that these characters could be tweaked, seeing that production is still a ways to go.

If anything, each season of Stranger Things has managed to give us new and memorable characters. While Season 1 gave us Barb, Steve, and the main gang, Season 2 gave us Bob, Billy, and Max. The third season’s favorites so far are Robin, Alexei, and that Terminator guy.  

No doubt these new characters could be based on other pop culture characters. The fun thing about Stranger Things is its ability to homage several films and genres while at the same time still feel fresh and original. Maybe this time we’re going to get some characters based on Dazed and Confused, seeing as the main gang are going to be full-on teens this time around.

Netflix has not yet given a release date for Stranger Things 4.

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