Paramount Spent 35 Million to Fix Sonic the Hedgehog

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November 18, 2019  11:49 AM


Sonic the Hedgehog was supposed to come out this month, but after the fan backlash from the first trailer, Paramount was forced to delay the movie into next year. Everyone is happy that the studio was able to “fix” the look of Sonic eventually, and now we have some news on what they spent to get it done.

According to @RiseFallNick on Twitter, the Paramount had spent $35 million to get Sonic the Hedgehog fixed. Here’s the tweet:

As of now, the new design of Sonic has officially won fans over, and there’s a lot of positive feedback going to the redesign. What’s more, fans online are all pushing everyone to go and see the film, seeing that Paramount has actually listened to the fanbase and should thus be “rewarded.”

If anything, the move to fix Sonic is doing more than just getting people to support the film. Some #ReleasetheSnyderCut supporters are also using it as a sign that studios should listen to the fans and give them what they want. Though listening to fans hasn’t always turned out great (i.e., Suicide Squad, Justice League), I’m actually on the side of fans when it comes to asking for Snyder’s version of Justice League. If anything, the studio did him dirty, and they should have stuck to his original vision rather than give us the terrible theatrical cut that we got.

Going back to Sonic though, I think the film looks great, and I’m sure a lot of people will be lining up to see it when it comes out Feb. 14, 2020.

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