No Time to Die Composer Replaced with Hans Zimmer

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January 08, 2020  11:22 AM


It’s no mystery that the next James Bond film, No Time to Die has been having a bit of trouble behind the scenes. Besides original director Danny Boyle leaving, we now have news that original composer Dan Romer has been replaced.

According to Variety, Hans Zimmer will now be taking on the role of composer for the 25th Bond film. We don’t have any specific reason as to why Romer left the role, but it’s said that it was due to “creative differences.”

If anything, Zimmer is a huge get for No Time to Die. He’s already an established composer in Hollywood, and his work on Inception, Man of Steel, and several other blockbuster films are assurance that he’s a competent replacement for Romer.

Hopefully this last-minute replacement of composer won’t affect the film too badly. Music is usually the last thing being worked on when it comes to films, but with a release date set for April, this No Time to Die is really cutting it close to the chest.

It will be sad to see Daniel Craig leave the role of Bond after so long, but having a new Bond is something that is regular with the franchise. Hopefully whoever takes up the mantle next will be able to bring back the fun and quirky spy adventures that the franchise was originally known for.

Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Catch Daniel Craig’s James Bond one last time when No Time to Die hits theaters April 10.

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