New Trailer for HBO’s Watchmen Teases The Next Few Weeks and More Dr. Manhattan

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October 21, 2019  11:39 AM


HBO had to be tricky with their marketing for Watchmen, seeing that there is so much that could be given away. With the pilot having aired last Sunday and having established the alternate 2019, we now have a new trailer that gives us more of the world as well as a tease for this universe’s only superhuman.

The tease for Manhattan is only short, but it’s curious when we’re going to see him return. My guess is he’ll be present somewhere near the end, but I would be amazed if they brought him in right in the next episode.

Besides Jon Osterman, we also have some more of old man Adrian Veidt. We see him trying to make one more contraption, and it looks like he’s planning another mass genocide to keep everyone in line. What’s interesting is, we could be seeing a huge time jump in the middle of the series, because we have Ozymandias having his cake, but this time it has more candles compared to the cake we see in the pilot.

For now, critics have been raving about the first episode of Watchmen, and I can say it’s definitely interesting. I guess my only gripe is that the episode is too short, and it also doesn’t help that Netflix has gotten me used to watching my seasons in one sitting.

Catch HBO’s Watchmen when it airs every Sunday night.

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