New El Camino Teaser Recaps Jesse Pinkman’s Entire Breaking Bad Journey

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September 10, 2019  11:46 AM


While fans have to wait for Better Call Saul to come out in 2020, next month will see the arrival of the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino starring Aaron Paul. The film is said to focus on Jesse Pinkman’s story after the finale, and Netflix has dropped a whole new teaser recapping Jesse’s journey from start to end of Breaking Bad.

What’s really interesting is the use of the song Enchanted in the teaser. If you recall, the Platters version of Enchanted played when Jesse took his first hit of heroin with Jane (Kristen Ritter). We don’t really know the relevance of the music when it comes to the trailer, but I think it’s a cool callback to the original series.

For now, Netflix is being really tight-lipped when it comes to El Camino. Though we already have two teasers for the film, we haven’t really gotten a trailer that gives us a good look at Jesse’s current state. If anything, the title is kind of a clue. In English, El Camino means “the way”, and I guess that this means we’re going to be following Jesse’s journey as he tries to build a new life after everything that he’s gone through.

The best look we have of Jesse is from a post that Paul himself has shared recently, but even then some think it’s from a flashback. The ceiling looks like the Gus Fring lab, and Paul is wearing what looks to be the signature yellow lab suit.

Catch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie when it hits Netflix on Oct. 11.

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