Netflix to Cut Support for These Devices this December

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November 07, 2019  12:02 PM


It’s no mystery that we’re currently experiencing the “Streaming Wars” with multiple streaming services fighting for dominance in the market. It would only make sense that Netflix would be constantly updating itself, but the platform apparently has to cut support for multiple devices this coming December.

According to LifeHacker, this is a list of Roku and Samsung devices that will be losing Netflix support come Dec. 1:

Roku Devices

    Roku 2000C

    Roku 2050X

    Roku 2100X

    Roku HD

    Roku SD

    Roku XD

    Roku XR

    Any other Roku devices that cannot auto-play the next episode

Samsung TVs

    2010 and 2011 TVs with a C or D in the model code. Samsung’s support page will help you find your TV’s code. Note that the loss of Netflix support only applies to the TVs themselves; You can still watch Netflix on older Samsung TVs as long as you do so through a device that Netflix currently supports.

It’s still unclear what exactly the reasons are why Netflix is cutting support for the devices, but it apparently has something to do with the ability of the device to auto-play episodes.

If anything, Netflix isn’t completely gone from old Samsung TV’s. They can still be accessed by other devices that have Netflix (like the Playstation or Xbox), but I guess it would be a hassle having to get a third-party device to access the platform.

While this could be a short list now, it’s likely that more devices could lose support in the future. You’d think with all the other brands trying to prioritize backward compatibility, bring viable on old devices would be important to Netflix as well.

I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes.

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