#MeToo: Disney has Deleted the 'Casting Couch' Scene from Toy Story 2

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
July 04, 2019  12:11 PM


With the #MeToo Movement making huge waves in Hollywood, a lot of studios are finding ways to make the material they pump out more “woke”, and Disney has been famous for trying to “erase” anything that they’ve made before that is considered less than noble today.  Just in, they’ve deleted one of the blooper scenes from Toy Story 2.

The scene, in particular, that was removed was the one where Woody accidentally catches Stinky Pete talking to two Barbies and hinting at sexual favors to get them into Toy Story 3. Check it out:

It really seems in poor taste for the contemporary social climate, but a lot of fans of the film thought it was a fun blooper that was just a product of its time.

There’s actually this neat statement that WB has before they screen some of their older material, and a lot of people have also been alluding to this whenever they get the news that Disney wants to change something in their more “classic” material:

Personally, I kind of stand with the fans who want to keep things the same, since it’s kind of like brushing history under the rug. But for the kids who might want to watch the film, it could send the wrong message.

For now, you can watch the completely controversy-free Toy Story 4 which is still in theaters.

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