Marvel TV Reportedly had Plans for Blade, Ghost Rider, and More Before Feige Took Them for the MCU

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September 25, 2019  05:18 PM


Despite the plan to have MCU-related series for Disney+, Hulu and Marvel TV were still pushing forward with several Marvel projects that were still outside of the main MCU. With the news that Ghost Rider had just been dropped by Hulu, rumor has come out that Marvel TV actually had way more planned until Feige swooped in and took the properties to use for the cinematic universe.

This comes from insider Daniel Richtman:

We don’t know much about Werewolf by Night or Midnight sons, but we already have confirmation that a Blade movie is in the works as well as a Moon Knight series for Disney+. This was also just another rumor, but it was said that Feige wanted to introduce Ghost Rider back into the MCU, and if that was the case, it would make sense for Hulu to cancel their project.

While the Marvel TV series technically share a universe with the MCU, it’s clear that the cinematic films leave TV largely ignored. Heck, they’ll even cast actors that were on the shows for different roles in the films; Mahershala Ali was Cottonmouth in Luke Cage before he was cast as Blade. Not to mention the big drop in quality when it comes to writing alone.

We don’t know how Marvel plans to push forward with their projects, and not all can be expected to be as successful as other properties, but I think it’s great that we’ll get a more unified world with more heroes. I guess it’s great compensation after losing a character like Spider-Man.

Catch these new Marvel shows on Disney+ when it launches on Nov. 12.

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